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Friday, June 11, 2010
Special Limited Entry Bear Lake Idaho Marathon

This marathon was specifically designed for the 50 State club marathoners that have requested to run in two different states, during the same weekend, while they are staying in the Bear Lake area. Bear Lake sits on the state line between Utah and Idaho. The road around the lake is just over 50 miles. Marathoner’s that participate in both marathons, will be able to boast about running around the entire Bear Lake in a weekend and will claim a special award after completing Saturday’s race.

Race Starts at 6:00 a.m. at Garden City Park, 350 South Bear Lake Blvd

Bear Lake Idaho Marathon will start on Friday, June 11, at 6:00a.m. This course will actually start in Garden City Park in Utah. The race will finish at the Idaho State Park on the East side of the Lake. We have reversed the course that we ran last year. This now puts the hills at the end, but was best however to eliminate the busiest section of the road in the early morning before the traffic picks up. Both parks are along the main road that wraps around the Bear Lake.

There will be limited aid stations throughout the course. Water, Gatorade, Hammer Gel, and fruit will be present at each aid station.
Multiple restrooms are located at the start and finish lines. There are also restrooms available throughout the course. If we need to make special accommodations for anyone please notify us.

Finishing medals and running shirts will be provided to all runners.

Official times will be posted on the web site shortly after the race.

There will not be any busing for this race, but there will be transportation available after the race for those needing transportation back to the Garden City Park.






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